The Rhapsody Music Festival Academy is exclusively devoted to music education. It consists instrument lessons, chamber music classes, music camp, meet-artists session, which allow all the participants receive some professional advices from our musicians.

Every year, more than 50 young peoples (musicians or not) participated these academic activities to learn, to approach and to discover classical music from European professional musicians. They improve their technical skills, musical quality and have different pedagogical perspectives during the festival.

Master Class

Master class is one of the most important activity of Rhapsody Music Academy. This year, apart from the instrumental lessons of piano, violin, viola and cello, we provide also chamber music master class. The lessons can be private or open to public, which welcome everybody who is interested to assist the lessons. They can thus observe the different way of teaching style.

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Music Camp

People thought that viola is generally used for orchestral or chamber music almost exclusively to filling up the harmony and cello, is used to accompany the melody of the violin or occasionally repeating the melody of the violin.  

The aim of this music camp is to break the old cognition of the old-fashioned formation and to work together moving songs in different modes of interpretation to discover its unique and beautiful sounds.

The students are given the opportunity to meet the foreign professional teachers to improve their skill and technique.


This seminar is set for all the music lover especially for strings and piano teachers. We will invite some local instruments teachers to discuss about the way of teaching, and the art of interpretation with French pianist and violinist. It allows all teachers and students to exchange their visions.

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